Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rich's "Compulsary Heterosexuality Lesbian Existance." Quotes

“I am concerned here with two other matters as well: first, how and why women's choice of women as passionate comrades, life partners, co-workers, lovers, community has been crushed, invalidated, forced into hiding and disguise; and second, the virtual or total neglect of lesbian existence in a wide range of writings; including feminist scholarship”

This quote is relevant to the text because Rich is describing how women in all type of different groups are all affected in the same way becuase they are part of the lesbian community.  She is saying that these women whom are lesbians are normal just like any other women aside from the part that they have their heart set on other women.  She is saying that it is wrong and a crime for society to look at a women co worker different just because she has a relationship with a women.
"A woman's choice to be with a woman in any kind of passionate relationship is not accepted; seen as wrong; forced to go away."

This quote goes directly with the idea of compulsary heterosexuality.  She says that basically from the time we are babies to the time we grow old and wrinkly we are pressured and forced to be heterosexual, in fact in her opinion there is no other option or no way to fight it.

"This heterosexual preference and taboos on homosexuality, in addition to objective economic dependence on men, make the option of primary sexual bonds with other women unlikely."

I believe this is the most heavy and important quote of the three.  In this sentence Rich is implying that until we as a society have a great epifany or decide to change the world will continue to be the same.  Because most of society is heterosexual the homosexual and lesbian community will continue to suffer.  Society needs to recognize that there is nothing wrong with a woman loving another woman or a man loving another man and in fact there is nothing more that seperates a heterosexual to a homosexual other than their sexual preference.  Rich main idea is that she wants our society to understand and realize that Lesbians too exist and it is not just a bunch of taboo.  We need to treat them with respect, dignity; just how we treat everyone else.

My comment for the class is that I as a heterosexual male will make more of a concerted effort to be more attentive to homosexuals and their feelings.  I admit at times like most of the world can be a bit homophobic, but after reading Adrienne Rich write about her feelings and how we should everyone no matter what their sexual preference the same and I buy into this.


  1. Ethan great post. We need to treat lesbians and homosexuals with respect and dignity. The first thing we shouldn't think of is their sexual identity. I believe too many people care too much about sexual identity rather than the person inside.

  2. Nice choice of quotes. Your comment on people being homophobic at times is a good one. Though people as a whole are arguably more aware these days, I would imagine that most have had at least one point in their lives where they may have been more closed minded than they'd like to admit. We are still products of our environment.

  3. Shennen I think you bring up something very important when you menton being products of our environment. We all are different when it comes to responding to others and our society, but what we know is what we see and are accustomed to. Nevertheless, our environments in which we live in.