Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love and Helmbrecht Extended Comment

After reading Ariel’s post there was a statement he made that immediately inspired me to do an extended comment.  He said that “We need to change our greedy, self absorbed, perception, and start caring about morals, values, equality, and acceptance in order to embrace feminism.”  I honestly could not agree more with this and I’m sure many others in the class would feel the same way.  It is almost as if the short sentence is an accumulation of everything learned in class as well as an example for a path to follow.
In reading Love and Helmbrecht work they talked about how there is a huge difference between “feeling empowered and being empowered.”  This goes hand and hand with pretty much every author we have read about (Johnson, Smith, Orenstein, Ayvazian) and their “stand up” attitudes in favor of further equality for different races as well as women.  The bottom line is that according to Love and Helmbrecht women may think they are empowered and equal, but the truth is their not.  They imply that it is nothing short of a big problem in our society for women to honestly believe that they are equal to men.  Whether its salaries, the job market, advertisement, consumerism, or just blatant instances in movies or music videos where they are viewed as objects, women certainly have a battle ahead of them in this male dominant society.
Ariel also says that “people should be compensated based on merit and performance only” and I can’t help but to think that if this was indeed the case how different our society would be.  If this was true maybe there would be even more qualified people working in most of the modern jobs in our world.  All in all I think Ariel does a great job voicing his opinion and offering specific suggestions for bettering our society let alone making claims that not only make sense, but could very well actually work.
My comment for the class is that we all need to be like Ariel when it comes to coming up with our own theories regarding racism and feminism and putting it to good use.  The bottom line is everyone has an opinion and no one is right or wrong.  The best any of us can do is put our best foot forward, do what we think is right, and be an example for one another.

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