Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Allan G. Johnson Privelage, Power, Difference


Allan G. Johnson's "Privelage, Power, and Difference" forces it's readers to reflect upon how sometimes we can all be so ignorant and blinded from the constant oppression that goes on in our country.  Racism and sexism truly is the "elephant" in the room except instead of the room it is society.  We all see it, but no one wants to address it.  However, Johnson is not at all afraid to address it, in fact he is more than willing to talk about his own experiences.

After reading the part when he talked about the awkwardness during a lunch he had with an African American woman I could not help, but to think of how the same sort of thing has happened to me.  I have always felt since a young age that I could talk and relate to anyone it didn't matter what race they were.  However, what I feel that sometimes goes forgotten is the fact that although I may be able to talk and joke with a minority for a few moments our places in this "powerful" society are so different.  I know that I am a "privelaged" person and sometimes I tend to take it for granted. 

Comment for tommorow's class
We all grow from our expereinces; postive or negative there is always a lesson to be learned.


  1. great start!
    did you connect to any quotes in perticular?
    also, expand on your comments for the class, do you believe we all grow? how?

  2. We all learn from every experience, good point.

  3. Hi Ethan,

    It is good that you take note that you are in a 'privileged' group. Most people in your position won't admit to it because of whatever reasons. But, now that you know this, have openly stated this, what will you do to make a difference for the people who do not have the same treatment( like the friends you mentioned)?

  4. I agree with your point that its easy to forget that being a white male does make you privileged, because its hard to see what non-privileged people have to deal with, if it doesn’t happen to us.

  5. Jose.. I will make a concerted effort to tell them that I am open to listening to their feelings and problems. I will tell them that they should feel comfortable asking and talking to me about anything. I do not judge anyone